Program Terms and Conditions

  1. All benefits and status may be retracted from program coordinators or administration, without notice, at any time.
  2. The benefits associated with Ali‘i Status are for the use of the student's whose name is listed on the card ONLY.  Status will be revoked should a student pass their card to another student.  Ali‘i status is non transferable.  A student ID must be presented each time the card is used (e.g. Ho‘ohana Fridays and choice cards).
  3. Replacement Ali‘i Status cards are not available.
  4. The ability to leave campus for lunch requires a parent wavier on file.  Parents must sign a new waiver each semester.  Should it be determined the student is abusing the privilege by returning to school late, the pass will immediately be confiscated by security, the program coordinators or administration.  To leave campus, the student must have the off campus stamped burned into their school ID.  This ID along with their status card must be presented to the security personnel at the gate.  ID cards will only be burned during a scheduled time; should the student miss this time, the privilege will be revoked.
  5. Grades and GPAs will be pulled after the deadline for submission of teacher grades.
  6. Grades for the .5 GPA improvement will be pulled at the end of the year as most courses are year courses.
  7. Extensions for Ali‘i Status qualification will not be granted.  Once GPAs are pulled the list is final.