Welcome to Ho`ohana!

You've worked hard.  Now it's time to be recognized.

"Ho‘ohana is the value of worthwhile work. When you ho‘ohana, you are working with passion, with full intention and with definitive purpose. You work to bring productive energies to the life you lead, working with resolve, focus and determination. Ho‘ohana is an attitude of intention and full presence in whatever you do" (Say and Thompson 2).
Based on Josten's Renaissance, Ho‘ohana is the name of Kealakehe High School's new student recognition program.  Essentially, students who excel inside and outside of the classroom will get rewarded for the things they are already doing.  

Elements of Ho‘ohana

  • Ho‘ohana Ali‘i Status - Get rewarded when you hit a certain academic goal.  There are three levels: Blue, Silver and Gold.  Each level comes with a set of perks; be sure to check them all out.
  • Ho‘ohana Recognition Tokens - Available to all students, these are tokens that all staffulty members have been given to hand out to students.  Tokens may be given for all types of things in and out of the classroom and are not necessarily based on academics.  At the end of the semester, these tokens will be entered into a drawing that will be held during one of our rallies to win prizes such as electronics and gift cards.
    • Did you receive a token?  Be sure to write your name and teacher's name on the back of the card and turn submit it to either Mr. Young or Ms. Zavala in the ASB office.
  • Ho‘ohana Fridays - A monthly event held for all students with Ali‘i Status, students will receive prizes such as candy bars, beverages and root beer floats.  Students must present their Ho‘ohana Ali‘i card AND student ID to receive this benefit. 
  • Ho‘ohana Choice Card - For students with Ali‘i Status, students are given one of these a semester.  This card may be presented to a teacher for a variety of choices such as a pass to turn in an assignment late, a do over on an assignment or a teacher's choice.  Choice cards are good for one use only and must be surrendered to the teacher upon use.  The acceptance of any choice card is left to teacher discretion; a teacher may choose not to accept the card.  Students must show their school ID and Ali‘i Status card to the teacher when being used.