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Scholarships and Federal Student Aid Help

Scholarship season is upon us and you should check out scholarships and start filling them out for dollars for college. Free Application for Federal Student Aid will be workshop the focus at the College Goal Sunday on Sunday, January 31 in the library at 1 PM. Bring a parent and start filling out the FAFSA.

School Bus Policy Changes

There have been many changes to school bus policies. Please click above for the official memo released from the Office of School Facilities and Support Services.

Supplemental Educational Services

Students who get free or reduced-price lunch MAY receive tutoring. Report card grades in reading & math are used to select students. Click on the title to get more information.

Furlough Schedule for School Year 2009/10

On September 22, 2009, the Hawaii State Teachers Association announced public school teachers ratified the collective bargaining agreement with the State of Hawaii. This agreement will result in 17 teacher furlough days where students will not be able to attend school.

Happy New Year and Welcome Back, WaveRiders!

Welcome back! Teachers are to report back to school on Monday, January 4 and students on Tuesday, January 5 at 9:00AM. Also, as of now, furloughs will still be in effect. The next furlough will be on Friday, January 15.

Announcement of Possible End to Furlough Fridays

Please note that nothing has been finalized yet as Governor Lingle's plan to end Furlough Fridays must be approved by numerous parties. Thus, all previous furlough days scheduled will continue as planned.

Finals Schedule

December 14 marks the beginning of finals week. School will start at 9:00 AM. Two finals will be given a day and Thursday, December 17 will be strictly for makeup exams. If all course work is complete, students may leave campus a 12:56 on Monday-Wednesday. Students who do not have an exam to makeup on Thursday may opt to stay home. Please click above for more information.
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