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Library Rules

Library Rules
Please respect others’ learning; this includes:
  • Using a quiet voice and appropriate language.
  • Staying on task.
  • Having two people per table, and one person per cubby and computer.
  • Following the KHS Acceptable Use Policy with the computers; no games.
  • Using the library for a place of learning, not as a lounge.
Please respect the library’s resources; this includes:
  • Wearing a face covering and sanitizing hands upon entry.
  • Leaving food, drink, candy, gum, sunflower seeds, etc. outside.
  • Sitting on chairs rather than desks and tables.
  • Returning materials to their appropriate place.
If you choose not to respect others or resources, you will be first counseled, then asked to leave and/or a referral will be written according to the discipline policy.