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How you will be graded in this class:
Bell work (tied to attendance & coming to class on time) 5%
Projects (1 main project and 1 mini project each quarter) 10%
Assignments (class work, homework, notebook, labs, QUIA) 30%
Quiz (every Friday on a regular week to "wrap up" the week) 20%
Exams (given at the end of each unit - see textbook. 1-2 each quarter) 35%


Recent Posts

Discovery Education: Icons of Science Evolution

Complete the video notes handout that goes with this video. Stop, rewind, and replay when ever you need to. Notes go SUPER FAST!

Protein Synthesis BioFlix

use for cell (organelles involved in protein synthesis) and then again for transcription and translation.

Amoeba sisters and enzymes

use this video by the Amoeba sisters to complete the handout you picked up in class. turn in for credit when done.