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John Robert Mitchell
Spring 2020
Social Studies
Sociology is about people, places and systems.  Sociologists ask simple and complex questions, record the data with accuracy, and make predictions, conclusions and commentaries.
Mr.  Mitchell

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So far in enrichment phase, I have suggested a:
1.  Facts; Issue; Rule; Analysis/Application; Conclusion, (FIRAC) type response--half a page or more is fine--for how covid-19 is affecting education and you.
2.  Zeitgeist-based Guiding Question:  I and others believe we are in a new Zeitgeist or spirit of our times, the Social Distancing Age.  Do you agree or disagree??  Half a page or more. 
3.  Today, I am asking you to please share with me in half a page your direct thoughts on life.  That is what I miss, your thoughts, your emotions, your energy and your hopes.  It is with great depths that I write this to you.  This is supposed to be a social class.  Please respond with you, what your thinking, what your missing, what your ready to do next.  I miss hearing that.
Aloha my friends.
Mistah Mitchell :):):)
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