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  • How Ecosystems Work: Ecology

    Segment from the program How Ecosystems Work: Energy Flow and Nutrient Cycles.

    Entire Movie Description
    Looks at the processes that are fundamental to all ecosystems. First the concepts of primary productivity, trophic levels, food chains, energy pyramids and the flow of energy through ecosystems are introduced. The program then explains how carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous and water cycle through ecosystems and how human activities can disrupt these cycles and throw them out of balance leading to accelerated eutrophication in lakes in the case of phosphorous imbalances and global warming in the case of carbon imbalances.

    Uploaded Oct 28, 2018by Kyli Lyn Arford
  • c. elegans responding to touch

    Uploaded Sep 22, 2018by Kyli Lyn Arford
  • 3:21 Hawaii Innovation Grant Program-Healthy Eating Living Purposefully (HELP)

    The "Healthy Eating Living Purposefully" (HELP) grant is a year long funding to promote our student led programs in educating others about creating healthy recipes from the garden and serving healthy meals to create value added products and be able to compete in the industries of Hospitality, Arts/Communications, Metals/Industrial Art, Natural Resources/Biology and Physical Education/Health through industry experts.
    Our foundation started with the Healthy Eating Living Pono mobile education bus that teaches the community about healthy recipes while promoting health and fitness by gathering data and providing demonstrations regarding staying healthy and living purposefully while learning skill that can improve student engagement, academic rigor and attendance.

    Uploaded Jul 18, 2018by Gloria Ilagan
  • 9:03 Are GMOs Good or Bad?

    Uploaded Apr 25, 2018by Devlyn Henriques
  • 16:04 Genetic Engineering will change everything

    Uploaded Apr 25, 2018by Devlyn Henriques
  • 5:03 what is epigenetics

    Uploaded Apr 25, 2018by Devlyn Henriques

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