Spirit Dress Days Announced

9/24 - Crawled Out of Bed Monday

Messy hair?  Don't care!  Don't feel like changing out of your pajamas?  Don't!  Still need your binky?  Bring it along!  Just be sure to brush your teeth 'cause morning breathe is gross.

9/25 - Stoplight Tuesday

Are you single?  Wear green.  Are you taken?  Wear red.  Are things complicated?  Bust out the yellow.

9/26 - Mathletes vs. Athletes Day

Show the strength of your mind by dressing how you feel mathematician dress.  Are you more athletic or want to rep your team?  You can do that, too.  It's the battle of mind vs. body!  Who knows, maybe you're both.

9/27 - Throwback Thursday

Like a certain decade?  Dress for it.  Miss the clothes you used to wear in elementary or intermediate?  Well, now's your excuse to wear them again.  Throwback to YOUR favorite time.

9/28 - WaveRider Friday

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