Aloha to Stoneman Douglas High School

We have a number of ways you can show your support and aloha:
  • Beginning Tuesday, banners with the names of the victims will be placed in the cafeteria for students to sign and offer words of encouragement to the families of those who died.  The signed banners will be sent to Florida along with care packages.
  • For the care packages, we are asking members of the the school and community to bring in items they would like to include.  
    • These items can be as simple as individual notes to each family.
    • Please ensure all items are non perishable.
    • Essentially, any items you think will bring the families a bit of joy in this terrible time will be accepted.
  • Please have all items for the care packages turned into the SAC office no later than Thursday, March 8.
Contact Jim Young, Student Activities Coordinator at should you have any questions.
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