Class of 2017 Graduation FAQ

How many tickets does my graduate receive?
Each graduate was supplied with a total of six (6) tickets; two (2) for field level and four (4) for the bleachers.  All attendees over the age of two (2) must have a ticket to sit in the parent section (field level).  No family should occupy more than two (2) seats on the field level.  
Gates for all ticket holders open at 4:30PM.  At 5:30, tickets are no longer required for the bleachers.  Tickets, however, are always required for the field section.  The ceremony starts promptly at 6:00PM.
May I purchase more tickets?
Extra tickets for the bleacher section are now available for purchase in the SAC Office.  Tickets are 2 for $5.  Extra tickets for the field level are not available.
My son/daughter has lost his/her tickets.  May I get replacement tickets?
Replacements for lost tickets are not available.
What is the parking situation?
Security will be on hand to direct parking.  All parking is free and is on a first come, first served basis.  Motorists are asked not to park on the curbs or sidewalks.  Overflow parking will be around Puohulihuli St. and off Ane Keohokaole Hwy.  All county traffic laws, including "No Parking" signs will be enforced.
I have a family member or friend who is disabled and requires special parking.
Any car that enters with a state issued handicap placard will be given the opportunity to park in the assigned handicap stalls.  Families and friends who require these stalls are asked to arrive at the event early so the proper accommodations can be made.
What is the policy on pictures?
Attendees are asked not to crowd the area in front of the stage for pictures.  Friends and families are allowed to take as many pictures as they like as long as they are behind the barriers (these barriers are placed relatively close to the stage).
After the ceremony, where will I be able to meet my son/daughter?
Once the ceremony is complete, students may receive their leis on the field, directly behind the stage.  Graduates will be arranged from A - Z along the back side of the field.  Students with a last name that ends in "A" will be directly under the "big W" of the WaveRider wall on the south side of the field; students with a last name that begins with "Z" will be located on the north side of the field next to the tennis courts.  These areas will be blocked off until the end of the ceremony due to the pyrotechnic display.
What time does the ceremony end?
The ceremony should end at approximately 8:00PM.
How big is the graduating class?
We expect to walk around 280 students.
Please direct all other questions or concerns to the graduation coordinator by sending a message using the "Contact Us" button located on the top of the school's homepage.
And, most importantly, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2017!
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