Quarter Two PTP Due November 28

The Five Year Course Planner is due on Monday, 11/28.  The PTP Requirement Sheet (aka "PTP Pink Sheet") will be available in your CEPA or in the Library.  To notify your CEPA teacher that you have completed this assignment, you will submit to him/her your "Q2 PTP Pink Sheet."  If you need an electronic template of the Five Year Course Planner, refer to PTP Central on our school website. Any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Kekuaokalani. 
The following information are the requirements of a updated/completed Five Year Course Planner:
- Classes listed in each grade level and are relevant to the high school graduation requirements.
- Update credit count for all classes completed. Not relevant to FRESHMEN. SENIORS will do a credit count for 9-12th grades for HS graduation check.
- Fifth Year Description is marked and written in complete sentences
- Name/Re-name the Five Year Plan and uploaded it in ePortfolio, in the PTP Section under "Education." ie: "10th 5yr Plan"
To help with your planning of high school courses, see the attachment.

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