Q3 PTP (E-Portfolio) Requirements due March 15.

If you have any questions, see Mrs. Kekuaokalani in E-303
Underclassmen: One BW for each class for the year.
Guidelines to complete a BW:
  1. For each class, your teacher will share a list of "works" that you can use as BW for his/her class. From that list, select one as your best work. If teacher does not share a list of works, then find one that required in-depth thinking. Examples are projects, exams, presentations, reports/essays, etc.
  2. Next, go to the school website to download a copy of a "GLO/HOM Reflection Sheet" from "PTP Central." Complete the sheet, include the teacher signature. 
  3. In your ePortfolio under "Best Works," upload the GLO/HOM reflection sheet in "Reflection" & the BW in "Worksample."  OR you may scan the GLO/HOM reflection sheet and the work as one file and upload it in "Reflection."
Seniors: E-Portfolio Completion. See below for the list of requirements:
  1. Profile: Must have a self-portrait or a picture that represents you in a positive way. Each section (hobbies, interests, etc) must have a paragraph.
  2. PTP Section:
    1. Education:
      1. 11th Goals Essay
      2. 11th Persuasive Essay
      3. 12th Persuasive Essay or Personal Statement 
      4. High School Reflection Essay
      5. 12th Goals Essay (optional). Note: you may need it for your PTP interview.
      6. Five Year Course Planner up to date with credit count, class list, and 5yr plan description. Note: In your PTP Interview, you can use this or the 12th Goals Essay.
    2. Career:
      1. RIASEC and D/L Survey Assessment Results
      2. Career Assessment Reflection
  3. Best Works Section:
    1. NOTE: If you need to make up past BWs, see "PTP Central" for details. 
    2. 12th Grade:  7 BWs (or less if you have "early release.")
    3. 11th Grade: 14 BWs. S1 - - the work only. S2 - - the work and the GLO/HOM reflection sheet are required.
    4. 10th Grade: 14 BWs. File uploaded and 2 GLO & 2 HOM reflections 
    5. 9th Grade: 14 BWs: File uploaded and 2 GLO & 2 HOM reflections 
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