Renovations to E Building Bathrooms On Schedule

Early last month, Student Council met to tackle the issues of dirty and unsanitary restrooms. 
Essentially, what it came down to, is that WE were not taking care of OUR restrooms.  People would shove toilet paper in the toilet, flush the multiple times and flood the bathroom.  There was a constant graffiti problem and toilet paper and soap dispensers were ripped off the wall.  This led to many of the bathrooms having to be closed and custodians having to clean the whole mess up.
Our solution - the #poopinpeeace campaign!  This is a campaign we hope will raise awareness of the bathroom problem but, more importantly, to find this problem a solution.  By working interdependently, the Council came up with this:
  • Administration agreed to totally renovate the E building bathrooms.
    • Each bathroom in E building was pressure washed and newly painted.
    • Broken stall doors were replaced.
    • Broken toilet seats were fixed and some of the fixtures were replaced.
    • Toilet paper dispensers were installed in each stall.
    • Soap dispensers were installed next to each sink.
    • New paper towel dispensers were installed in both bathrooms.
  • Should the E building bathrooms be kept clean and in working order, without vandalism, during the entire second quarter, administration has made the commitment to renovate ALL bathrooms on campus!
  • A school wide assembly is scheduled for Monday, October 16 to launch the #poopinpeace campaign.  We will be playing games such as toilet paper dodge ball and will be giving out prizes.
  • A ribbon cutting ceremony is scheduled for lunchtime on Tuesday, October 17.  Again, more prizes will be given out and there will be a special lunchtime activity planned.
Remember, we are all in this together.  Let us work interdependently and create the type of environment that we are proud of.  And more importantly, let us create an environment where we are able to #poopinpeeace!
Questions about this program?  Please see any Student Council member or Jim Young.
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