ACT Plus Writing Exam for Juniors - March 3

ACT Plus Writing: Grade 11

The ACT is a curriculum-based examination that can provide helpful information for all students, not just those who are planning to attend college. Taking the ACT can give every student a measure of his or her academic strengths and weaknesses. Students may use their results to recognize their academic strengths and areas where they need to improve, whether they intend to go to college or enter the workplace after high school. This student information section will take 45-60 minutes to finish.

The exams (total test time of 205 minutes):

  • Test 1 (English): 45 minutes
  • Test 2 (Math): 60 minutes
  • Test 3 (Reading): 35 minutes
  • Test 4 (Science): 35 minutes
  • Writing Test (1 prompt): 30 minutes
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