Rules of Engagement

1.    Be polite

2.    Be clear

3.    Be considerate

4.    Make eye contact

5.    Greet them

6.    Acknowledge what the person is saying when they're talking to you (so they know you're listening)

7.    Be kind to others

8.    Let the other person have ample time to speak

9.    Establish and maintain eye contact

10.  Speak with respect

11. No bigotry

12. Communicate effectively and honestly

13. Have each party see both sides of the issue

14. Timely release, timed to hear both issues

15. Respect boundaries

16. Keep things positive even when an issue comes up

17. Don't interrupt

18. Reiterate, ask questions and/or nod

19. Provide feedback (positive or constructive)

20. Talk less, listen more

21. Use respectful language

22. Treat others how you want to be treated

23. Try to find the best meaning of anything that is said rather than the worst.

24. No lying

25. Listen with empathy

26. Give everyone the opportunity to voice their opinions

27. Stay focused on the task

28. Smile and say hello to someone you don't know everyday

29. Don't perpetuate rumors

30. Don't ditch the conversation (mentally or physically)

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