Homecoming Court Results

Congratulations to all that participated! It was a tight race amongst all classes! Winners please be on the lookout for an email from Mrs. Mina! 
The results are:
Class of 2026 - Freshman Princess: Jancey Alokoa
Class of 2025 - Sophomore Princess: Dani Gallagher
Class of 2024 - Junior Princess: Eric Gee
Class of 2023 - Senior Princess: Ciana "Cici" Alford
Homecoming Queen 2022: **Shae'Lynn Abran/Tehani Tan**
Homecoming King 2022: Election to be held during tie breaker. 
**For the first time in the history of homecoming, we have a TIE! The Tie-breaker will be held on Wednesday. September, 14th! Polling will only be open for advisory (10:20 - 11:00), EVERYONE is allowed to vote in the tie breaker. Each person may choose ONE candidate for Queen & King.