Students with "I" in Jeopardy of Failing Q1

At the start of this school year, several teachers with the encouragement of the administration, agreed to pilot a modified grading system in their classes. This system would issue grades "A,B,C,I or F" depending on student performance. In a standards based system, students are expected to meet or exceed benchmarks in core classes that are set by the state. By receiving a "D", it means that the student has not sufficiently achieved the standards in the course but is doing barely enough to pass the class. Many students are able to meet the expectations of the class with a little more persistence and accuracy. We believe that all students are able to meet the expectations set of the curriculum. The issuing of "I"s helps to clarify the target goal them.

Students will be notified by the mid-quarter if the are receiving and "I" for a course. They will develop plans that they and their parents must agree to outlining what the students must do. This plan includes attending mandatory in-school tutoring, the "after school" homework center and/or online tutoring for math. These services are provided to support students and give them additional assistance to complete their work. The quality of work depends on their persistence and concentration. If the completed work meet the expectations of the teacher the student's "I" will be changed to a "C". If the work does not meet the expectations, the "I" will be changed to an "F" for the quarter.
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