Graduation FAQ for the Class of 2021

Will there be an in person ceremony this year?
Yes but but it will be restricted to only ticket holders
Do masks have to be worn?
The Department of Education has informed our administration that there are no changes to the DOE's mask policy at this time (this was published after Governor Ige's announcement on 5/25).  At this time masks will be required for all in attendance.  We'll let you know should this change.
How many tickets were each graduate given?
Each graduate received two tickets.  Seniors who did not receive their tickets may obtain them after our mandatory graduation practice on May 25.
How can I watch the ceremony if I don't have ticket?
What time will the ceremony end?
We expect the ceremony to end around 11:30.  I promise to have you home before the street lights turn on.
What time do the gates open for ticket holders?
Gates open at 8:30AM ticket holders.  Tickets will be collected at the gate.  All occupants of the vehicle must have a ticket, children included.  Anyone who has unticketed passengers in the vehicle will be denied entry.
I have an infant and/or small child.  Do they have to have a ticket to enter?
Yes, anyone in attendance must have a ticket regardless of age. 
How will seating be done?
Seating is on a first come first served basis.  Chairs will be arranged in "pods" of two.  Please ensure you sit in the same pod as your other ticketed guest.  Do not split between two pods.
I am allowed to bring an umbrella or cooler?
Small umbrellas are permitted but please do not bring larger umbrellas (e.g. beach type), tents or coolers.
Am I allowed to to get out of my seat to take a picture of my graduate after they receive their diploma?
Please remain in your seat pods for the entirety of the ceremony.  Charla Photography will be on hand to take pictures of the entire ceremony.  An individual picture of each graduate will be done at the time of the diploma handoff and after they receive their diploma in a staged photo area.  All pictures will be available to families free of charge.
How do I access these pictures?
Please allow some time for processing and editing.  Once completed, a public link will be posted on our school's website.  A media release will also be posted should you choose to get photos printed.
Will there be a lei ceremony?
Sadly, due to DOE COVID safety mandates, there will be no lei ceremony.  Each graduate will be allowed to wear a SINGLE (ONE) lei during the ceremony.  Only a single lei around the neck is allowed, nothing around their heads, please.  Leis must be given to the graduates before they report to the gym at 8:00AM.
Will the public be allowed on campus after the ceremony?
No.  The campus will be closed for all except ticket holders.
Has the list of the Top 10% and Valedictorians been released?
Yes, you may view the list here.  Congratulations!  These graduates will receive their medals and cords the morning of the ceremony from their advisors.  They will also be recognized during the ceremony.
How do I know which section of the bleachers my graduate is sitting in?
Bleachers will be clearly marked by advisories.  Please ask your student for their advisor's name; a seating chart was also sent to all seniors on May 19.  Please note that there may be some minor tweaks to the chart as we get closer to the ceremony (nothing drastic).
Will Aaron Rodgers be playing for the Green Bay Packers next season?
I have no idea.  I wish everyone would stop asking me this.
Still have a question that wasn't answered here?  Questions or concerns should be directed to Jim Young, Student Activities Coordinator, at
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