Return to School Update From Administration

Aloha WaveRider Parents/Guardians, 
We hope you are being safe and doing well during these trying times. We have missed seeing our students and families, and hope that you are spending quality time together during the holiday season. Our second semester will begin with distance learning for almost all students. We will be following the attached model. We are currently at 102 cases over the past 14 days, which means we are in the orange. If cases increase or decrease, we will also consider other readiness factors such as staff capacity, ability to follow/maintain social distancing, PPE inventory, mask protocols/compliance, protocol for illness, and cleaning schedule before making changes. Your input is always welcomed. 
As we will begin our spring semester in distance learning, students who are doing Google Classroom will continue to do Google Classroom for Periods 5, 6, and 7. Students who are doing Acellus will continue to do Acellus courses. All outstanding Acellus classes need to be finished by end of May 2021 as Acellus program is not going to be used in the new school year. If you are thinking of switching to or from Acellus/Google Classroom, please contact your counselor by December 14th. Whichever medium you choose, it is highly recommended to stay with it throughout the second semester. 
In the second semester, if cases drop to less than 100 over a 14 day period, and we look at adjusting our model to adding more students on campus, you will be notified and have at least a two week period for academic schedule adjustments and personal arrangements. 
KHS Administration Team
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