Laptop Pickup Protocol

To protect you and our employees, we have developed the following protocol:

  1. The event will be held Tuesday, April 14 from 3:00-6:00PM.
  2. This is a drive up only event.  Please do not walk up.
  3. Enter through the bottom gate, drive past the gym and turn up to the main office by the area where the buses load.
  4. A staff member will be there to greet you from a distance, please do not get out of your car.
  5. Roll down your window and give the staff member your student's name.
  6. Once verified, you will drive up to a table.  Your device, and only your device, will be on this table.
  7. One person may get out of the car to pick up the device.
  8. Once the one person returns to the car, you may proceed to exit through the top gate.
Mahalo for your cooperation.
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