Furlough Days and the Start Time of School

There have been many questions about our bell schedule and school start time with the implementation of furlough days.  Although a furlough day will create a 4 day week, we will not be moving to a 4 day A/B schedule and 9:00 am start time on those weeks.  Instead an updated “Furlough Friday Four Day Schedule” has been created.  This change will increase the amount of instructional minutes available to our students.  On weeks with a furlough day, school will start at 8:15 am.  For bus riders pickup times will be 7:00 am in Waikoloa and 7:25 am in town. 

The only weeks where school will start at 9:00 are the weeks which include a state or federal holiday.  A quick reference guide with the start times has been developed and follows below:

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