BULLETIN Tuesday, February 26th

BULLETIN Tuesday, February 26th

Aloha WaveRiders!

(introduce yourselves)

Today is Tuesday, February 26th.

This Saturday is the annual beach clean-up at Old A. Anyone is welcome at this event. You'll receive a shirt and after clean-up lunch, games and prizes. NHS members you can receive community service credit. See Mrs. Anderson in the library for more info.

Seniors that are literate in another language check out the SEAL of Biliteracy information on the website or see Mrs. Anderson in the library. The deadline to sign-up is February 28.

Interested in joining the military, you'll need to take the ASVAB. The ASVAB is not just for those planning on the military though. It also will help you evaluate your skills and abilities as it is different than the ACT/SAT. The next ASVAB test will be March 12 in the library. Please come to the library to sign-up so we can have a test for you.

Girls, you think you can run the government? Are you looking for an edge on your college application, or want to make a difference? To learn more about affecting government change while having the time of your life with other girls around the state; apply to www.hawaiigirlsstate.org. This is only applicable to the class of 2022, good luck!

Wiki and lunch today are a pepperoni pizza, broccoli and baby carrots, fuji apples, and pineapple chunks.

Stay tuned for two videos that highlight the contributions of african americans in american history and be ready to discuss how different our lives could be without these efforts!

Thanks for watching and make it a great Waverider Tuesday!

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