Bulletin Board » Guidelines in How to Complete a Best Work (BW)

Guidelines in How to Complete a Best Work (BW)

1. Select a Best Work (BW).
a. Examples are projects, performances, tests that include essays, work that show step-by-step in how you solved the problem, work that required in-depth, critical thinking.

2. Complete a GLO/HOM Reflection for the above BW and get teacher’s signature.

3. Have both the BW and the GLO/HOM Reflection in an electronic format, ready to be uploaded or copy/paste. (It's best to have PDF files or links to Google Docs)

4. Go to school website: www.khswaveriders.org

5. Click on EPortfolio link: http://eportfolio.k12.hi.us/index_student.jsp

6. Log in to your EPortfolio account. If you forgot your username and password, contact Miss. Agdeppa or Mrs. Jerrie Anderson (librarian).

7. On the home page, click on tab named “My Best Works”

8. Select a tab that best fits the type of files/links you are uploading. (The "Add Text Sample" is the one most often used)

9. Follow prompts to complete a BW.
a. Upload two files/links: 1) the GLO/HOM Reflection with teacher's signature, 2) the BW
Note: If designated teacher is not listed, you may assign it to Mrs. Kekuaokalani