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ACCUPLACER Information

Seniors! If you are going to a University of Hawaii campus (UH Hilo, UH Manoa, or any community college in Hawaii), you will need to place into college level courses. Sometimes you can be placed into 100 level courses if you have qualifying test scores from the ACT, SAT, or SBAC. Also, you may be able to be placed in 100 level courses if you got a B in Algebra 2 or certain English classes. This doesn't apply for all colleges, so you may just have to take the ACCUPLACER placement test.
No matter which University of Hawaii campus you attend, you can take the ACCUPLACER test at Palamanui. Then you can send your results to the campus you will be attending. The first step is to apply to the campus you want to attend. You can go to and click apply online. Once you are accepted and receive your UH ID number, you can take the ACCUPLACER test. Here is a flyer with information about taking the test at Palamanui. It is free the first time, then $25 if you want to retake it.
Do you want to brush up on your math skills before you take the ACCUPLACER test? Or did you not place into Math 100 (or a higher math course you want) and want to study more before you retake it? Here are more resources. UH Manoa Online Learning Academy is offering a series of free math webinars where you can watch lessons on specific math topics. Palamanui is offering a free math boot camp in August, where a college math instructor will be reviewing math concepts for five full days (bonus: you get to retake the ACCUPLACER for free!). Check out the flyers below for more info.
Why should you spend more time studying for the math ACCUPLACER?
  • Save time by placing into the highest math class for which you are ready.
  • Save money by “skipping” developmental classes you may not need to take.
  • Earn your degree at a faster pace by meeting the math requirement sooner.
Also, if you are attending Hawaii Community College (Hilo or Palamanui) there's another online math resource called EdReady. Check out this website for more information: