How to start a club at KHS? » Club & Fundraiser Information

Club & Fundraiser Information

Have a club you want to start on campus? Here's how to get your club officially recognized by KHS. Example of steps below.
1) Brainstorm an idea for your club
  • What is something that you notice we are "missing" on campus that would make your learning/high school experience better? 
2) Find an adult on campus to be your club advisor.
  • This can be a teacher or an admin on campus that shares the same feelings as you and your club members.
3) Create a club council.
  • In order for your club to run smoothly, you need to find some awesome leaders for your club! You need: a President, Vice President, Treasurer and a Secretary. 
4) Create a club constitution.
Your constitution should include:
  • What your club is all about/Why you started the club in the first place?
  • Meeting day(s)/time
  • Rules/norms of your club
  • Fee's to be in your club? *If you are collecting money to be in your club, all money must be handled by your club advisor and they need to turn it into the accounting office before 4:00 p.m.
  • Goals of your club
  • Events you HOPE to put on/Willing to aid in (Ex: Christmas Night Market, May Night)
  • Signature of Club President/Advisor
5) Complete "Charter Club Application" and turn it into Mrs. Mina in the SAC Office (PB 3)
6) Wait for approval from Principal and have fun at your club! 
  • Approval takes about 2-3 business days
  • Your Club advisor will receive an email of approval
1) We need more recycling bins on campus
2) My adult advisor will be Mr. Chen & Miss. Lindo
3) President: Jane Doe, Vice President: Landon Hill, Treasurer: Eugene Krabb, Secreatary: Whitney Notetaker
4) Club Constitution:
  • The KHS Recycling Club is all about recycling on campus! We hope to reduce, reuse and recycle materials on campus to better our school 'aina for future generations to come. 
  • Meet every Tuesday/Thursday after school in Mr. Chen's office; Meeting time: an hour - two hours (collect and sorting). If there is a home game, we will meet there. 
  • Rules, must be willing to stay after school to collect recycles from designated bins with advisor. Advisor goes to the recycling center and the money obtained will help us contribute to the cost of cold water dispensers on campus like the one in E building.
  • No fees!
  • Goal is to buy cold water dispensers to put on campus and to sell reusable items for students/staff to utilize!
  • Events we HOPE to put on: Recycling Rummage Sale
  • Events we are willing to HELP: Fall Ball, Booth at Christmas Night Market and May Night Concession Stand. 
  • *See paper constitution for signature.   
Ho'omaika'i for turning in your forms and being an officially recognized club at Kealakehe HS!
Need funds for your club? Have an awesome idea for a fundraiser? Here's how to start your fundraiser!
1) Consult with club advisor, council and members on the fundraising idea.
*If you are using an outside vendor to fundraise: Contact vendor and collaborate on details such as startup cost, presale dates, pickup date/location and the profit your club will be making.  
2) Complete Fundraiser form (Form 422) with advisor, sign and turn into SAC. 
3) SAC will follow-up with advisor on various questions from administration. 
4) Copy of APPROVED form will be sent to the accounting office and to advisor
5) Once fundraising is complete, please have your advisor COMPLETE the "Revenues" section of the form and resubmit the form to the SAC. 
6) Final fundraiser form will be sent back to club advisor and an updated account ledger can be obtained from the accounting office.