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If you missed your scheduled senior formal appointment and you want to be in our 2020 yearbook, you still have time. Call Action Photos of Hawaii at 808.935.9922 and schedule an appointment to do your senior formal. Please do this by the end of January 2020 so I am able to recieve your portrait for placement in the yearbook. 
Please schedule your appointments for your senior casual portrait with "Action Photos of Hawaii." Senior casuals can be submitted through the Jostens web page. Due date for senior casual portraits will be January 10, 2020. Appointments can be made by calling: 808.935.9922. See the link below for details on uploading senior casuals to our Jostens account. Please NO PICTURES THAT DO NOT SHOW YOUR FACE! Pictures must be SCHOOL APPROPRIATE! (e.g. no pictures show a lot of skin, please keep your picture appropriate otherwise you will have to submit a new portrait or your casual portrait will not be in the yearbook).
For those of you who are wanting to show off your cars for the yearbook, below is a link to upload your pictures. Pictures do not need to be taken here on campus in the parking lot, you can take your picture at a place of your choosing to get the background you want to help show off your car. Deadline for car submissions is December15, 2019.