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Mitchell: Live from his Living Room!!!

Uhhh, did I shave? These are some of the pressing questions while doing online education. I'm re-sending materials out I did not send share adequately before. Darwinism lives!!!! Please respond with your thoughts on: Life ;or, The New Spirit of our Times (Zeitgeist); or, a FIRAC on the ways education is changing and how that might create a career for you; or, The biggest reality that has become surreal to you or how the surreal has become very real to you in this new age. I miss you all so very much!!!! Mitchell

Wednesday, April 22

Good day:
I am learning and adapting and posting on a near daily basis.  My improvement needs to be in linking and providing access across multiple platforms.
Sounds almost professional.  What big thing are you learning in these unique times???

Sociology Reaching Out

Mr. Mitchell exploring more ways to reach his students.  
How are you during this very unique time??  We still need to be social, yes??